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About Door Co Cannabis

We believe that true wellness comes from a harmony of mind, body, and earth. This is why we are so passionate about hemp. When sustainably cultivated and thoughtfully used, it can transform lives. Our goal is to craft products that are inspired by Door County's natural beauty and made for your needs while being leaders in sustainability, education, and community.

harmony of mind, body, and earth

Est 2019

Our Story

Welcome to Door County Cannabis Company, your premier destination for high-quality hemp-based cannabis products in Wisconsin. Founded by two passionate Door County natives, Peter and Cody, in 2019, our journey began with a vision to diversify Gray-Aire Dairy Farm through the cultivation of Hemp. Today, Door County Cannabis Co. has become a trusted name in delivering top-quality hemp-derived goods, placing us firmly at the forefront of this thriving industry.

Our primary mission is to drive positive change and propel Wisconsin forward by distributing exceptional hemp products. Let us guide you on a journey to elevate your mind, nurture your body, and care for our planet, all through our premium hemp offerings.

Whether searching for a Wisconsin Dispensary, exploring the benefits of Delta-9 THC, or considering the soothing effects of a CBD Tincture, Door County Cannabis Co. is your one-stop shop. With a commitment to quality and a focus on the well-being of our customers, we invite you to discover the transformative potential of our diverse range of hemp products.

Explore the future of wellness with Door County Cannabis Company, your trusted source for all things Hemp in Wisconsin. Please browse our selection of premium hemp products today and experience the difference for yourself.

Join us on this journey and elevate your life.

Past, Present, and Future

We embarked on a mission to diversify Gray-Aire Dairy Farm by exploring the potential of hemp cultivation, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

Planting hemp at Gray-Aire Farm

With a vision of positive change and advancing Wisconsin, Door County Cannabis Company is founded. This marks the beginning of a new era in the hemp industry. Graphic Credit: Samantha Gray

Original Logo

Door County Cannabis Company quickly gains recognition for its commitment to producing high-quality hemp products. Customers and industry insiders alike begin to appreciate the exceptional standards maintained by the company.

Cody and Peter at a Market

Driven by a passion for change and dispelling misconceptions about hemp and cannabis, Door County Cannabis Company becomes a prominent voice in the community. Through education and advocacy, they actively contribute to shaping a more informed and progressive society.

Peter and Cody, owners of Wisconsin's Down-to-Earth Cannabis Brand

In a move to support and connect with the local community, Door County Cannabis Company opens a store in Fish Creek, WI. The store becomes a hub for like-minded individuals and attracts visitors from near and far, fostering a sense of community and exploration.

Cody in the store

Our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices sets Door County Cannabis Company apart in the industry. By prioritizing eco-friendly solutions like our biodegradable hemp plastic container, we pioneer a greener path forward.

Biodegradable hemp packaging

With an unwavering dedication to progress and innovation, Door County Cannabis Company continues to lead the way, moving Wisconsin forward. Embracing emerging opportunities and collaborating with industry leaders, they shape a future where the potential of hemp knows no bounds.

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