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Affiliate Marketing Policy

Door County Cannabis Co. Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Door County Cannabis Co. Affiliate Program! Please take a moment to carefully review these terms and conditions before enrolling in our program. By joining the program, you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Product and Commission Structure:

Commission Rates:

  • Affiliates will receive a 15% commission on the initial purchase of any subscription and other regular products.
  • A Recurring Referral rate of 10% for subscription renewals will be applied.

Global Commission Rate Settings:

  • Recurring Referrals: The Recurring Referrals rate of 10% will apply to all subscription renewals.
  • Last Affiliate Attribution: In cases where multiple Affiliates refer the same customer, the previous Affiliate whose referral link was clicked will be credited for any purchases.
  • Exclusion of Additional Costs: The commission is calculated based on the order total, excluding shipping costs, taxes, and discount values.
  • Lifetime Commissions: Affiliates may earn lifetime commissions for close family and friends who become new customers of Door County Cannabis Co. Please inform us of potential lifetime customers and their relation to you.

2. Affiliate Registration and Approval:

Prospective affiliates can sign up through the Door County Cannabis Co. website at All affiliate applications will undergo a review and approval process.

3. Tracking and Attribution:

Affiliates will be provided with unique referral links for tracking sales and referrals. Cookie Duration: A 30-day cookie duration ensures that affiliates earn commissions on any purchases made by users who click their referral link within 30 days, even if the purchase occurs after the initial click.

4. Affiliate Coupons:

The associated Affiliate will be credited with the sale whenever a coupon is redeemed, e.g., “affiliate10.”

5. Payouts and Payment Schedule:

Payouts are processed automatically through PayPal integration or manually via checks. Minimum Payout Threshold: Affiliates must accumulate a minimum balance of $50 to receive payouts. Payout Frequency: Commissions are paid out every month. Payout Date: Affiliates will receive their commissions for the previous month’s sales on the 15th of each month.

6. Promotional Resources:

Affiliates will have access to various marketing materials, including banners, product images, and text links. Marketing tips and updates will be provided to assist affiliates in their promotional efforts.

7. Performance Reporting:

Affiliates can access a real-time dashboard with performance data, including clicks, conversions, and commissions earned.

8. Terms and Conditions:

Prohibited Marketing Methods: Affiliates are strictly forbidden from using SPAM, misleading advertising, or unethical marketing practices. Compliance: Affiliates must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in their marketing efforts.

9. Communication and Support:

For any inquiries or support, please get in touch with us at

10. Incentives and Bonuses:

 Affiliates may receive a quarterly 5% Store Credit bonus sent to their account as a reward for outstanding performance.

I. Responsibilities of the Affiliate

The Affiliate agrees to promote and market the Company’s products under all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. The Affiliate will adhere to the guidelines outlined in this Contract and ensure that all marketing efforts comply with the rules of their state and the platform guidelines of the social media platforms used for promotion. The Affiliate will not make any claims in their marketing that violate regulations, including claims related to health, disease treatment, or medical benefits of the Company’s products. The Affiliate will not engage in any marketing activities that could result in suspending, removing, or banning their social media accounts.

II. Marketing Guidelines

The Affiliate will continuously review and update past social media posts as regulations change, ensuring compliance with the current laws. The Affiliate will not promote or advertise cannabis products prohibited by their state’s regulations. The Affiliate will avoid using language that suggests health claims, disease treatment, or therapeutic benefits of the Company’s products.

III. Social Media Platform Guidelines

Instagram: The Affiliate will not promote direct contact methods on their business profile. Linking to the Company’s website is allowed. The promotion of cannabis products is prohibited. TikTok: The Affiliate will refrain from featuring any cannabis-related products or content, as TikTok’s algorithm is designed to flag and remove such content. Facebook: While hemp companies complying with all laws can promote, the Affiliate will follow the platform’s guidelines for organic growth, ads, and posts. YouTube: The Affiliate may post cannabis-related content, though it may not be monetizable under YouTube’s creator payment program. Reddit: Engaging with the audience, building a following, and providing customer service is encouraged within the context of existing Reddit communities. The Affiliate may create posts about cannabis-related topics that align with the platform’s community guidelines.

IV. Compensation and Benefits

The Affiliate will earn commissions on sales generated through their unique affiliate link or code. The Affiliate will receive Company products and merchandise as part of their benefits package.

V. Termination

Either party may terminate this Contract with written notice to the other party. In case of a breach of the terms outlined in this Contract, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate’s participation immediately.

VI. Miscellaneous

This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements, whether oral or written. This Contract shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Wisconsin. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, and affiliates must review them periodically for updates or changes. Door County Cannabis Co. reserves the right to terminate an affiliate’s participation in the program if they violate any of these terms and conditions or engage in any prohibited activities.

Thank you for joining the Door County Cannabis Co. Affiliate Program! We are excited to embark on a successful partnership with you.